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The Gasparilla Inn & Club is embarking on an exciting new development. This season we are adding nine new beachfront accommodations, the first of their kind on the property, where guests will enjoy the modern amenities and award- winning service they have come to expect, right on the water.  With options for 2, 3, or 4-bedroom homes just steps from The Gulf of Mexico, the homes include a full kitchen and are perfect for family reunions, wedding parties, and group getaways. These new village-style homes feature a central pool and cabana for guests to mix and mingle in a more private setting.

During this project we will also be relocating the Fitness Center to north of The Beach Club and, in the process, double in size. Within the larger center, a new yoga studio and exercise pool will deliver on our promise of bringing health and happiness to both our guests and club members. 

The Inn Adventures rental facility will also move to a new location north of The Beach Club and continue to provide bicycles, kayaks, paddle boards and golf carts, as well as nature tours and private instruction. The addition of two courts for Pickleball, one of the fastest growing sports in the country, will be a new, fun activity for visitors of all ages. 


Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Will any other amenities not be available during Phase I?

Answer: The pool at the existing beach club will be closed from June 21, 2020 until Phase II is complete in the Fall of 2020. All other existing facilities will be open and available.


Question: What is the overall time-frame for Phase I?  

Answer: We plan to have Phase I of the project completed during Fall of 2020.


Question: Will any other amenities not be available during Phase I?

Answer: No, all existing facilities will be open and available.


Question: Will the homes be protected in the event of a storm?

Answer: Yes, all homes and buildings will be constructed to reflect current code regulations.


Question: Will any views from The Beach Club be obstructed?

Answer: No, portions of The Beach Club will be under construction but not visible to guests while open. The construction will not inhibit the guests and members. 


Question: Will the beach in front of the homes remain open to all members and guests?

Answer: The lower public beach area will be open to the public; however, the raised private beach area in front of The Beach Cottages will be reserved for guests occupying The Beach Cottages. 


Question: When will the homes become available to guests?

Answer: In the Fall of 2020.


Question: What will Phase II entail?

Answer: Phase II will be a complete renovation of the existing Beach Club.  We will be improving the overall structure of the building along with adding additional pools and function space. 


Question: What is the timeframe for Phase II? 

Answer: Phase II will begin after our Social Season in 2020 and completed in Fall 2020. The Phase II renovations will be contingent on the completion of Phase I to avoid any interruption in service. 

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