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Private Fitness

Fit for Life – 80m Invest in your health by working one-on-one with a personal trainer to enhance balance, stability, and strength with a specialized fitness regimen. Includes initial consultation to discuss health goals with assessment.

Personal Training – 30m/50m 

Private Fitness Class

Private Yoga – 30m/50m Learn how to create a steady breath and improve posture through yoga sequences of precise verbal cues, subtle physical adjustments, and modifications.

Private Group Classes 
$100.00 for up to 3 people then $15.00 per person
50m $130.00 for up to 3 people then $15.00 per person after

Scheduled Fitness Class Offerings

Yoga * + Stretch and strengthen the body while relaxing our mind. The yoga postures are performed in coordination with the breath, oxygenating the whole body, while strengthen the nervous system ending in a deep relaxation.

Circuit Interval Training * Different stations workout includes aerobic activities, strengthening activities with core training and balance exercises.

Aqua Aerobics * + A total-body workout in the pool with minimal impact on joints. Buoyancy equipment supplied.

Boot Camp Outside * + This energizing workout provides a positive team-building environment while testing your strength and fortitude.

Core, Glutes, Guts & Butts * (CGGB) Concentrates on Strengthening & toning of legs, thighs, butt lower back and abs with bursts of cardio

Strength & Stretch * Concentrates on balance, stretching of the core and stretching throughout the whole body


Class Level Key     + Low/Moderate     ++ Moderate/High     +++ High Intensity     * All Levels
Classes meet at Fitness Studio unless notated. Aquatics classes meet at Spa lap pool. All classes are 50 minutes in duration.


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