We invite you to experience the benefits of our treatments, ranging from a wide variety of massages to a myriad specialized body treatments including acupuncture. Our hospitable staff will assist you in planning the perfect spa experience. While you’re here, enjoy our spacious bath facilities with steam rooms, saunas, and comfortable relaxation lounges opening to a private courtyard, as well as our 80-foot heated lap pool. Designed for your total well-being, The Gasparilla Inn Spa is private to Inn Guests and Members.

Director of Spa and Fitness Gabrielle Brady
Gabrielle ensures the appealing ambiance and character of The Gasparilla Inn Spa and Fitness Center. She is dedicated to our guests’ and members’ needs, always striving to provide new, innovative treatments inspired by the refreshing natural surroundings of our little barrier island home. A mother of three boys, she is an avid runner who has completed many half marathons and other races. Gabrielle looks forward to welcoming you for a rejuvenating and memorable experience.

For more information about The Gasparilla Inn Spa contact our Director of Spa and Fitness, Gabrielle Brady, at 941.964.4555.

Facial, nail, and hair treatments are also available at the James Griffith Salon, which is open to the public.


Spa Services & Rates


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Signature Treatments


A Touch of Gasparilla – 80m, $215  Drift away with a combination of the relaxing Swedish Massage and the tension relieving Deep Tissue Massage. The massage is complemented by a healing Hot Stone & Reflexology treatment as well as a soothing exotic Oil Scalp Massage. A true island experience you won’t soon forget.

Aromatherapy Stimulation – 50m, $180 / 80m, $215 Aromatherapy is the therapeutic use of plant-derived aromatic essential oils to promote physical and psychological well-being. Renew energy, reduce stress and balance your body and spirit.

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Spa Packages

Perfect Match Couples Package –100m, $500 Reconnect and unwind over a side-by-side Touch of Gasparilla Experience and Foot Scrub in our couple’s room. This multisensory treatment concludes with a glass of Champagne to be enjoyed as you relax in our courtyard.

Island Away Package –100m, $350 Truly escape to a blissful state with an exfoliating Body Scrub Mini-Treatment followed by a Swedish Massage and our Enriching Scalp Treatment.

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Massage Therapy

Traditional Swedish – 50m, $165/80m, $199 This soothing massage will reduce tension, increase circulation, and induce deep relaxation. Swedish Massage utilizes smooth, long strokes with light to moderate pressure.

Deep Tissue Muscle Release – 50m, $175/80m, $220 Therapeutic bodywork that incorporates slower strokes to work deeper layers of muscle fiber. This massage focuses on moderate to deep pressure and will help to disperse the buildup of lactic acid to alleviate stiffness, aches, and pains.

Blissful Stone Massage – 75m, $199 Rebalance the body and mind with a combination of heated stones, exotic oils, and flowing massage to soothe sore muscles. This massage induces a deep level of relaxation with your choice of aroma to complete the experience.

Bamboo Massage – 50m, $160 Essential oil muscle-gel is applied to areas of concern followed by the healing art of warm bamboo rolled and kneaded over the body. Firm pressure will release muscle tension and soothe sore joints.

Mother To-Be Massage – 50m, $180/80m, $220 Relax as your body is soothed and your skin is pampered with the nourishing properties of rose oil. This full body massage is designed to address the needs of Mother and Baby and provides the nurturing treatment you both deserve. Eases aches, pains, and provides comfort, with focus on the back, neck and lower legs. This treatment is offered to those in the second or third trimester.

Boca Rejuvenation – 80m, $215 This invigorating treatment is packed with body boosting essential oils and uses physical manipulation and sports massage techniques. This is a must-do for post-workout recovery and is great for golfers!

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Mini Treatments

Tension Release – 25m, $100 This invigorating massage concentrates on tension hot-spots of the back, neck, and shoulders, by loosening tense muscles and alleviating built-up stress, both physically & mentally.

Revitalizing Hair & Scalp Massage – 25m, $90 Richly scented essential oils are massaged into the scalp, releasing tension, conditioning the skin and leaving hair shiny, glossy, and nourished.

Mini Body Scrub Experience – 30m, $110 Renew your body and soften you skin with a custom exfoliation experience with a scrub of sugar.

Reflexology – 25m, $120 This ancient therapeutic method helps relieve pain by stimulating predefined pressure points on the feet. Controlled pressure alleviates the source of discomfort.

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to accompany any treatment

Scalp Treatment $35, Hot Stone or Cold Stone $25, Body Butter, Body Oil or Dilo Gel Sugar Scrub $25, Aromatherapy $30, Couples Massage $25 (per person), Advanced Deep Massage $25, Stretching $25

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Body Treatments

Anti-Aging Guava Nourishing Mask – 85m, $215 Restores the appearance of a younger, more-toned body. This combination of a raw sugar scrub and body mask followed by a warm oil scalp massage will leave skin with a healthy glow. Guava fruit is high in vitamin C, boosting collagen production as well as enhancing skin toning & nourishment.

Soothing Touch Lemongrass Salt Scrub – 50m, $180 This uplifting and fresh blend of Lemongrass essential oil, vitamin E and mineral-rich Dead Sea Salt will rejuvinate and nourish your skin while exfoliating and moisturizing your whole body.

Sea of Life Body Scrub & Mask – 80m, $215 Indulge in a purifying organic bio-scrub that polishes skin and cleanses pores, as well as a white algae seaweed mask, followed by a nourishing eye treatment and facial massage.

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Specialized Treatments

Reflexology – 50m, $170 This ancient therapeutic method helps relieve pain by stimulating pre-defined pressure points on the feet. Controlled pressure alleviates the source of discomfort.

Thai Massage – 75m, $220 Consists of rhythmic stretching and compressions to increase flexibility, vitality, and energy. The therapists use their hands, feet, and hips to perform yoga-inspired stretches. *Please wear loose comfortable clothing.

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