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November 10-12th, 2024

From November 10th through November 12th 2024, special guests Doro Bush Koch and Tricia Reilly Koch of BB&R Wellness join us in inviting you to retreat from the world before the holidays for an immersive wellness gathering, the Annual Foundations of Wellbeing Experience, on the beautiful island of Boca Grande.

Enjoy delicious and nourishing meals, yoga and fitness experiences, candlelit meditation, community gatherings, and inspiring talks by expert speakers where we discuss ways we can extend both “healthspan” and lifespan. Delight in the beauty of The Gasparilla Inn and its luxurious amenities as you take an intentional pause before the start of the holiday season and the end of 2023 to cultivate an attitude of gratitude and develop an outlook of abundance.

Guided by BB&R and their hand-picked guest speakers, deepen your commitment to a more holistic lifestyle in this unique opportunity to align your body, mind and spirit.

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Event Registration

The event fee of $1,050 per person includes all Foundations of Wellbeing special sessions.

To register, please call 866-575-7533.



Meet our Partners from BB&R

Doro Bush Koch and Patricia Reilly Koch are the co-founders of the annual Achieving Optimal Health Conference (AOHC) at Georgetown University, co-creators of the Health Gig podcast, and the co-founders of BB&R Wellness Consulting, a wellness consulting company that leads communities to make lasting transformation.

For nearly two decades, Doro and Tricia have been following innovations and leading audiences to consider new insights, approaches, and methodologies to make a conscious shift and take personal responsibility for their wellbeing. They help audiences access innovation and cutting-edge research in ways that cause practical and profound changes in their lives. Their education, experience, and talents lead people to transformation. 

Trailblazers in the field, Doro and Tricia have led the charge to empower people to move from being passive caretakers to becoming engaged partners in their own journey toward prevention, lifestyle design and healing. They are committed to creating experiences that help wellness seekers realize that health is not segmented into different areas. Only when we consider the broader context and connection between our mind, body, and spirit to tackle root causes do we achieve optimum health. True health depends on meaningful connections and engagement in community.

An integrated approach pays massive dividends across the board. Doro and Tricia lead a new kind of health company that works to break this complexity into simple steps. They know that when people feel inspired and included in the conversation of their own health, they can share simple and powerful strategies to create a real change in their lives. These habits and insights then move outward into their families, networks and communities.

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2024 Speakers

Lesley Chilcott

Lesley Chilcott is a highly accomplished filmmaker known for her impactful documentaries that shed light on pressing social and environmental issues. With a keen eye for storytelling and a passion for effecting change, Chilcott has produced or directed acclaimed films such as “An Inconvenient Truth,” which won two Academy Awards,  “Waiting for ‘Superman’,” a powerful exploration of the American education system, and “Watson” her film about activist Captain Paul Watson’s lifelong work saving whales and our imperiled oceans. Her work often blends captivating narratives with in-depth research, aiming to inspire audiences to engage with complex global challenges. Chilcott continues to be a driving force in the documentary world, using her platform to provoke thought, spark conversations, and ignite action.

Twitter: @LesleyChilcott


Siri Lindley

Siri Lindley is a two-time world champion and Hall of Fame triathlete, coach to multiple world championship titles and Olympic medals, an inspirational, energetic life coach, and one of Tony Robbins’ Top 10 rated motivational speakers in the world. With infectious and authentic passion, she empowers audiences to strive for peak performance and to work through and ultimately conquer the demons of fear and self-doubt.

Siri Lindley is a beacon of inspiration and resilience.  Her journey from adversity to triumph has touched the lives of tens of thousands worldwide.

She’s an example of how you can change your life through sheer determination.  Despite starting without knowing how to swim, she became a two-time world champion and hall of fame triathlete.  After retiring as the the #1 Triathlete in the World, she went on to coach athletes to 11 world championships in Triathlon and Ironman along with 2 Olympic medals. Today, she is considered the #1 female triathlon coach in the world. 

In 2019, her life took a turn when she was diagnosed with Acute Myeloid Leukemia. She went on to defy the daunting 5% chance of survival, as she fought through and conquered the disease, showing her incredible strength and resilience. Yet, beyond her incredible achievements, Siri’s heart shines through with her best-selling book “Finding A Way” and her ability to connect with people on a deep level  around the world as a Top 10 ranked global speaker and Tony Robbins’ keynote speaker.

With her own ChampionMind strategies, Siri doesn’t just coach, she uplifts, inspires, and empowers individuals and teams to reach their full potential. Alongside her wife Rebekah Keat, Siri’s compassion extends to their nonprofit work, saving horses from abuse and neglect, embodying her legacy of love and resilience.



Mary Beth Albright

Food, Pleasure, and Emotional Well-Being

From the gut microbiome to smell and taste’s effects on the nervous system, food has the power to improve emotional well-being. But how do we balance short-term pleasure with long-term wellness, without giving in to diet culture (and its well-being destroying perfectionism)? Bringing her multi-year, sold-out SXSW presentations to the Foundations of Wellness Experience, Mary Beth discusses balancing short-term pleasure with long-term wellness, without giving in to diet culture and its well-being destroying perfectionism.

Topics include:

  • Learning from weight-loss injectables’ effects on pleasure
  • How unique tongue prints can change what we find delicious
  • Current peer-reviewed science about ultra-processed food

Mary Beth Albright is an award-winning journalist focusing on the food-mood connection: that what we eat affects emotions, and emotions affect what we eat. She is the author of Eat & Flourish: How Food Supports Emotional Well-Being, which has been translated into several languages. She also hosts the weekly podcast Eat You’ll Feel Better.

Mary Beth has decades of food experience, spanning public health, government, and law. Most recently, she was an editor and correspondent at The Washington Post, where she pioneered coverage of food’s connection to mental health as a specialized beat. Prior to The Post she wrote for National Geographic, serving alongside such luminaries as José Andrés as a founding correspondent for its food initiative, The Plate. For five years Mary Beth was also the restaurant critic for DC Magazine.

Mary Beth earned a J.D. cum laude from Georgetown Law, a B.A. with honors from Johns Hopkins, and a certificate from L’Academie de Cuisine’s yearlong culinary basics course.

Instagram: @mary.beth
Twitter: @MaryBeth


Matt Dawson

How to die young at 100.  Using science and AI to reduce your rate of aging and maximize healthspan.

Dr. Dawson is the Founder/CEO of Wild Health, a genomics based personalized medicine company.  He has won national awards for innovation, authored two text books, hundreds of book chapters, and published dozens of studies.  He has created both an app and podcast that have each been downloaded millions of times and founded 6 companies or non profits in the last 10 years.  Wild Health specializes in providing holistic treatment based on individuals’ DNA and other biometrics. He has dedicated his life to bringing care, attention, and wellness to all.

Instagram: @wildhealthmd


David Starbuck Smith

Morning Stretches and Posture Alignment

David is a national expert in pain and posture and its roots within the mind and body connection. In this talk he will share the details about the two things that cause pain in your body – posture and emotional stress. Are your shoulders rolled forward, is one higher than another? What about your feet and hips? He will explain, that when the mechanics of your joints are off – you may experience neck pain, shoulder pain, hip pain and also be prone to many types of injuries. David’s core message: pain can act as a messenger. Find out about where worry, anxiety, hurt, resentment and rage typically show up in your physical body and what do to about it. Learn why anything is possible to heal.

YouTube: @davidstarbucksmith


Tracy Freeman, MD

Ask the Doctor

BB&R’s Chief Medical Officer peals back the onion on the question she gets asked most in 2024.

Dr. Freeman Integrates the most effective treatments from holistic and conventional medicine to bring her patients the most innovative approach to true healing. Dr. Freeman’s progressive methodology is grounded in decades of experience searching out the root cause of disease. As a mother of a child with autism she has a personal understanding of the challenges patients face. Doctor Freeman breaks down the most important topics in wellness today bringing the insights of a physician and the compassion of a mother.

LinkedIn: Tracy Freeman MD


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