Trunk Show Schedule


January 12th -14th
Jennifer Tyler Cashmere

January 19th -21st
Christa’s South Seashells

January 26th -28th
Daniella Ortiz Handbags
Susan Carson Silks

February 2nd -4th
Helga Wagner
Annayan By Rose

February 9th -11th
Susan Lister Locke Jewelry
Indo Chic
Claudia Triana Shoes

February 16th -18th
Sarah Sharp Handbags
Merrichase Jewelry

February 23rd – 25th
Rare Gems Of India

March 1st – 4th
Vanessa Heaney Jewellery
Soliel Sandals/Bindu

March 7th -9th
Liza Byrd
Liz Paper

March 11th-13th
Soliel Sales
Meg Carter Jewelry

March 15th -17th
Bella Tu
Janet Gregg Jewelry
Carrie Dunham Bags

March 18th – 20th
Lino 120%
Daniella Ortiz

March 22nd -24th
Sissy Yates Jewelry
Three Islands

March 25th -27th
Maureen Donohue Jewelry

March 28th -30th
Walker & Wade
Kep Jewelry

April 5th – 7th
Turkan Home

Aprill 12th -14th
Cmm Designs
Cj Laing

April 19th – 21st
Jennifer Tyler Cashmere


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